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"After taking the Raediance essences, I was so much more aware of what was going on in the office and honoring my feelings more. (From now on), I'm going to use the (essences) before and after dealing with the disruptive influences connected with work."

~J.J. CEO, Engineer

" Hello to all!

It is with great pleasure that I pass this on to you, someone I highly recommend.
Some of you will already know this person. She is an amazing, love filled, gifted healing facilitator and one of the most awesome people on this planet! She was (and still is) my Mother's "partner in mischief and wonder" as well as dear friend. She is also the ray of light in Radiance!
Please feel free to forward this. Thank you! :)
Love and light!"

Charlotte O
about us

My company is Raediance Unlimited!

My name is Rae!

My passion is to pass on what I have learned to others who wish to broaden and expand their horizons . This passion evolved from my training and certification in Flower Essences Interior Design, Feng Shui, Hypnotherapy, Spectra Dynamics, Color Therapy, and Parcells System of Scientific Living.

I am available for workshops, lectures,classes and personal consultations.

My husband and I have been married since 1955, have six children, twelve FABULOUS grandchildren and an adorable dog named "Smiles".

My background is varied. I have had experience in clothing design-wholesale and retail. My husband and I had retail pharmacies for almost fifty years!. I did the books, managed the office staff, was the buyer for gifts and jewelry. I had a Real Estate license, was a Dale Carnegie graduate and a graduate teaching assistant---A charter member of the Saguaro Toastmistress club , an active participant in Church, School, and Community organizations.I have organized study groups for 250 people, planned Fashion shows , chaired activities for local and national Pharmacy Conventions. Planned and implemented parties and weddings for from 50-500 people.

My passion for helping others was the impetus for all these endeavors.

My quest for health introduced me to Dr. Hazel Parcells. Dr. Parcells was 97 when I took my first weeklong class with her!! After meeting and taking classes with Dr. Parcells my life and health changed for the better--An intriguing journey began that introduced me to energy, nutrition, color therapy and other ancient universal principles. Thinking "out of the box" is both fun and and a great tool for not just "living longer but living better"!

I invite you to one aspect of this journey and to explore the power and radiance of nature through Flower and Gem Essences .
Flower Essence consultations are available in person, by phone or email. Your custom essence can be mailed to you!

Expand YOUR horizons! Experience YOUR radiance!

Let's take a journey together!


Smiles says "push this button!"