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RADIANCE (Webster’s Dictionary)
quality of being radiant
beaming with vitality, sparkling,
bright with joy, beauty, cheerfullness
This is about Energy, --- or lack there of it! Energy has many names like, Chi, prana, mana, breath of God, grace, and life force, just to name a few.

Yes, rocket scientists and physicists work with Energy, so do I -- and so do YOU! How we utilize our “energy” reflects in our health on all levels.

It affects the harmony and flow of our lives and how much we all struggle to create and maintain a balance of life, of living, of loving, of serving.
In 1987 an intriguing journey began that introduced me to various levels of energy that included the benefits of FLOWERS and GEMSTONES and many other ancient and universal principles.

My teacher was Dr. Hazel Parcells, D.C., N.D., P.H.D. She was a pioneer in energy medicine & nutrition. The doctor was 97 and I was 52. She “talked her walk and walked her talk” until she passed away from natural causes at the age of 106!

This alone gives her teachings credibility! I quickly fell in love with the idea of how flowers, gemstones, and the simple subtle manner in which they can be used to help us raise our vibrational energy or our energy bank account.

By using Dr. Parcells’ method of “checking” energy, combined with the usage of flower and gemstone essences, we can create a perfect tincture just for you using prayer and the guidance of our higher selves and our angels!

It is a simple, God-given use of the plant and mineral kingdoms to provide
gentle stress busters and soul soothers!

Raediance Unlimited Essences contain the vibrational imprints of the life force of plants and gemstones, transfered into purified water, “energized” by the sun and the use of co-creation.
* The purpose of the flower/gem essence is to offer gentle assistance
and awareness in following your soul's purpose on earth.
Phone consultations are available!
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"...Rae, thank you again for your wonderful gift of Raediance Unlimited...I have used your Raediance especially when I know it will be stressful times and find that it's ground's me."

~K.S. Occupational Therapist
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